The concept is about uselessness and the absurd.

I try to catch that by making sculptures with ready-made objects, by changing, reversing or even demolishing their function. Usually causing the things not to work anymore, so they tell a different story than what you already know about the classic object. 

I always try to use the most classical home-, garden- and kitchen-elements, as these elements stand closest to mankind. They always surround you, and that’s why we forget about them.
My objects/sculptures are often useless, but because of the playful way of working and using colors, they seem to be full of joy and irony. 
In the essence, I also try to touch the concept of existentialism. Because existance seems to be quite useless itself, but we feel instrinsically motivated to make it playful. 

Besides that, I think the sculptures speak for themselves, and would like to invite the viewer to freely observe.

Photography by Kaka Lee