Bas Ruis


Currently living and working in Bergen Norway




Bas Ruis (1995) B. Netherlands: Creates idea based sculptures from a domestic themed viewpoint.

Those sculptures come to life through an indepth research about play and the homo-ludens.

By looking through the lens of absurdism and playing with the idea of baudrillard’s simulacrum,

he creates an uncanny encounter with everyday objects.


While humor draws the viewer in, the critique on who is welcome, growing up and the loss of frivolity soon become apparent.

The contradicting nature of his work hands the viewer a lot of entry points.

It sets and breaks boundaries: it challenges them to rethink and question their daily life in a playful manner.


Throughout the years he has developed a way of making that revolves around combining things.

He looks for unusual or contradicting combinations and turns them into sculptures.

These sculptures give him a feeling of belonging, even though they often have a discrepant nature.

They reflect on and deal with how he is seeing the world, and maybe on the way he is sometimes overwhelmed by it.